Dr. Patricia Mills, Wholistic MD

Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Practicing Functional Medicine.

As a Medical Doctor, published author, internationally recognized researcher, and passionate women’s health educator, I’ve gone beyond traditional medical training by delving deep into the research in fields such as Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutritional Sciences, Ayurvedic Medicine, and more.

This extensive journey has broadened my understanding of diverse healing modalities, reshaping my approach to health and well-being beyond conventional Western medicine.

My mission is to use this ‘Wild Wisdom’ to educate and empower individuals on their journey to their best health, focusing on root cause solutions.


Going beyond my medical training

As a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and an internationally recognized published researcher, my journey took a profound turn when my father was diagnosed with ALS, a disease without a cure. As I delved into research beyond my medical training to find solutions for him, I realized my own health was declining despite my efforts.

My personal health challenges ranged from adult-onset acne and severe menstrual symptoms to digestive issues, fertility struggles, and postpartum difficulties. These experiences led me to explore root-cause medicine, delving into Functional Medicine to address underlying health issues rather than relying on temporary fixes.

Through this comprehensive approach, I healed all my health conditions in my early 40s, prompting my transformation into a Wholistic MD. Now, I’m dedicated to guiding others on their journey to their best health by empowering them with the right knowledge and lifestyle changes.

Let’s embark on this exciting and rewarding path together, where achieving YOUR best health becomes not just a goal but a joyful journey!

What we might work on


Upgrading your health wisdom

…understanding the ‘why’ behind lifestyle changes can be the key motivation you need to implement them effectively.


Creating a personalized supplement protocol

…to naturally heal your gut, balance hormones, support detoxification, and boost energy & sleep.


Determining your food sensitivities

…experience a guided, supervised, short-term Elimination Diet to reduce inflammation and support gut healing.


Tracking your blood sugar levels

…Understanding your body’s response to the foods you eat ensures informed choices for managing blood sugar levels optimally and supporting overall hormone health – even if you’re not diabetic.


Providing you with the support you need

…AND creating the mindset that will allow this experience to be effortless and joyful!

My approach to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle is through balance, NOT deprivation!


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