Look, feel, and be your best —for life.

As a Medical Doctor with a root cause approach to women’s health, I’m here to empower women of all ages, backgrounds, and identities to feel good in their bodies.

Combining evidence-based medicine with holistic healing, my goal is to address the root causes of health issues and support you in achieving YOUR best health.


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Hi, I’m Dr. Patricia

Specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Functional Medicine Practitioner. Published researcher. Passionate women’s health educator. 

I deeply understand the importance of your health journey because I’ve walked that path too.

In my mid-30s, I faced skin rashes, bloating, constipation, brain fog, menstrual mayhem and low energy. It was a struggle to feel my best and truly enjoy life.

But through root-cause medicine, personalized nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes, I unlocked the true solutions to my health challenges. I’ve since helped countless clients do the same.

My mission is to share this transformative knowledge with more women, guiding them to vibrant health and well-being. Let’s embark on this journey together, unlocking a life where you look great, feel amazing, and love every moment!

Join me in achieving YOUR best health.


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Client success stories

Weight Loss & Joint Relief with Body Wisdom

Dr. Patricia’s ‘Body Wisdom’ program took me to the next level in my journey of understanding the health of my body and becoming responsible for achieving my goals. I lost weight, reduced inflammation that was contributing to my knee joint issues and learned SO much about how certain foods impact my blood sugar! Body Wisdom is a must!!

– Susan – Body Wisdom Graduate –

The Wild Collective: Thriving Mood and Wellness

I’ve been learning so much from Dr.Patricia and incorporating it into my lifestyle. And I feel sooooo much better, moods and all. I’m even weaning off some anti depressants I was taking for my moods. It’s going really well, and I haven’t felt this good for many years in such a short time!

– Roni – Wild Collective Member –

Radiant Evolution: The Journey with Dr. Patricia's Wild Collective Program!

Dr. Patricia’s teachings and support have helped me to completely transform my health! The Wild Collective program is the gift I would give every woman in my life. My brain fog is completely gone, my weight is healthy again (& I was stuck after giving birth), the way I see & treat my menstrual is totally different, and I feel like a goddess. I would give it an 11 out of 10 and say between the incredible knowledge and supportive community you’ll come into, your transformation is guaranteed when you implement her powerful strategies.

– Jennifer – Wild Collective Graduate –

Empowered: The Wild Collective Impact on Family Health

Patricia has been an incredible teacher on my journey to optimal health which has in turn had a transformational influence on not just me, but also on my family.

– Luci – Wild Collective Graduate –

Unlocking Your Best Self with The Wild Collective

The Wild Collective is the best course ever! 🙌 We learn so much about ourselves and about how our body acts and reacts to everything we expose it to! And then delve into so meaningful things that can immediately be put into practice so that we can achieve our best individual self, physically and mentally. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

– Eliana – Wild Collective Graduate –

Optimal Wellness: Experience It with The Wild Collective

I took The Wild Collective course…and I must say the content exceeded my expectations. Patricia covers the full spectrum of wellness information from nutrition to hormone balance, sleep, and meditation. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels like they have slipped through the cracks in the healthcare system or just wants to optimize their health instead of simply treating symptoms.

– Kira – Wild Collective Graduate –

Life-Changing Insights with The Wild Collective

I learned so much about my mind and body in this course and how I could achieve the best health of my life. Every single session was mind blowing. I would recommend this course to every single woman in my life. I guarantee you will not regret it. You Will learn so much from the incredibly intelligent and compassionate Dr.Patricia Mills. I am forever grateful that I was able to take this course with her.

– Kristine – Wild Collective Graduate –

Body Wisdom: Easy Weight Loss & More!

Since I started working with Dr. Patricia 5 months ago I have lost 22 pounds, AND my blood pressure went down by 17 points from 159/89 to 142/75 mmHg…so it was agreed with my doctor that I could eliminate one of my blood pressure pills! My goal is to keep going, keep learning, and keep improving.

– June – Body Wisdom Graduate –

Validation & Support for YOUR Health Issues

What you provide is validation, grounded in science, for the common issues we experience, and concrete ideas and suggestions for improvement. I’ve attempted to find doctors here to provide this support, either Naturopaths or Functional Med docs, but either they did not gain my confidence, or were not affordable, expecting thousands of $’s up front just for a first interview

– Ursula – Wild Collective Graduate, Body Wisdom Member –


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